Suicidal Subject
Nature of Incident: Suicidal Subject
Date of Incidents: Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Location of Incident: Shrewsbury Borough Park
Person Involved:
Incident Summary:

04/19/2017  5:45 pm

  On Wednesday 04/19/2017 at 545 pm Officers received information from York County 911 that a subject called 911 and reported that there was going to be a suicide near a grocery store in Shrewsbury.  The phone number was registered in Maryland but a tower location was determined to be in the area of Northbrook Ln.  No other information was available such a vehicle or subject description.  Officer Hanson, who has additional training in CIT (Crisis Intervention Team), was able to make contact with the subject by phone and develop a rapport with the subject.  Officer Hanson was eventually successful at getting the caller to give information on his current location.  The subject was seated inside a pavilion at the Shrewsbury Park and planned on hanging himself in the wooded area.  Officer Hanson and Officer Heffner made contact with the subject while for safety reasons other officers cleared the children, parents, and coaches on the fields for sporting events.  Officer Hanson was able to speak with the subject and resolve the incident peacefully.  The subject was transported to a medical facility for mental health evaluation and treatment.  


For more information on advanced mental health training some of our officers have received see link: 



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