Police Officer Rescues Trapped Fire Victim
Nature of Incident: Structure Fine
Date of Incidents: Sunday, December 04, 2016
Location of Incident: 108 Constitution Avenue
New Freedom Borough
Person Involved: Officer Michael Miller
Incident Summary:

On December 4, 2016 Officers responded to North Constitution Avenue in New Freedom Borough for a structure fire. Officers arrived on scene within two minutes and found a row home engulfed in flames. Officers were informed that a person was still in the home. 

Officer Michael Miller, a sixteen year veteran of the department, ran to the rear of the home and yelled inside the back door for anyone to call out if they were inside. At first there was no response and Officer Miller yelled again. From inside the dwelling a male's voice responded. Officer Miller, knowing it was too dangerous to enter the home, instructed the male to drop to the ground and crawl to the sound of his voice.  The male made an attempt to crawl toward Officer Miller but was overcome by the thick smoke. Officer Miller entered the home, located the male and was able to drag him to safety.  The male was treated on the scene with smoke inhalation.

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